Namyang Nexmo is doing its best to fulfill our
social responsibilities to make a better society.

Quality management

Our quality management system is built on the basis of IATF 16949: 2016 edition,
and it is constructed and implemented with continuous improvement method
to prevent defects, change (distribution) and reduce waste.
In addition, we are focusing our efforts on customer satisfaction, competitive advantage,
and development of new technologies by developing innovative activities
in various fields through voluntary participation of employees.

Quality management principle

  • 01Customer focus
  • 02Leadership
  • 03Active participation
  • 04Process approaching method
  • 05Improvement
  • 06Evidence-based decision making
  • 07Relationship control / Relation management

Process approach method

Understand the processes required for the quality management system
Understand the order of processes and their interactions
Determine the standards and methods necessary for the operation of the process
Provide resources and information needed to operate the process
Monitor / measure / analyze process outcomes
Continuous improvement of process outcomes and necessary actions

Quality policy

We establish the following quality policy in order to achieve
customer satisfaction through continuous improvement
activities of the highest quality, technology, cost, payment,
and safety and to comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

We will do our best to implement it

Quality certification

Safety / Environmental

We recognize the importance of customer satisfaction,
respect for humanity, and global environmental conservation
and establish the following environmental safety and health
policy to implement management activities.

Ethical management

Social contribution

Namyang Nexmo makes efforts to make a beautiful
society by guaranteeing the safety of the driver.

Namyang Nexmo cares about corporate social
responsibilities and fulfills its obligations faithfully.
We carry out social service activities such as supporting
a disability nursing home and employee volunteer activities.
We make voluntary practices for mutual development like
returning profits to the local community.

We will continue to develop our products with a sense of
social responsibility, such as sustainable equilibrium
development, human rights, and environmental friendliness.

In the future, Namyang Nexmo will become a company
that is loved and trusted due to the company's spirit of
contributing to society with the reminder of the spirit of
the company that "profits earned by a company must be
returned to the society.